MakerBot's 3D-printable stegosaurus skeleton has classrooms in mind

96-piece model is the latest addition to 3D printing firm’s digital store, as it targets students and amateur paleontologists alike

150 million years ago, Stegosaurus dinosaurs roamed the Earth. In 2014, thanks to 3D printing technology, they could be roaming classrooms and homes.

3D printing firm MakerBot has launched a 96-piece Stegosaurus skeleton on its digital store, for teachers and amateur paleontologists to download and print out.

ISS astronaut uses 3D printer to make socket wrench in space

Digital design emailed to zero-gravity printer on International Space Station and used to produce working ratchet

Astronauts on the International Space Station have used a zero-gravity 3D printer to produce a working socket wrench complete with ratchet action – using digital plans that were emailed to the station by Nasa mission control on Earth.

Royal Mail launches 3D-printing service

Partnership with iMakr will allow customers to have items such as keychains to mini postboxes “printed” and posted from its delivery office

Royal Mail will offer to 3D print and ship a range of objects from a delivery office in the latest bid to retool the company for the 21st century.

A trial will involve 3D-printing company iMakr installing printers in Royal Mail’s New Cavendish Street delivery office in London to offer both custom designs and ready-to-print objects.


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