3D-printed engagement rings – the future of jewellery?

No, it’s not a substitute for the real thing, but an opportunity to see what a diamond might look like before the genuine one is made. Good idea?

From South Korean beauty products to that envious feeling when an Ocado van pulls up outside someone else’s house, internet shopping has given us so much. The latest innovation? 3D-printed engagement rings, set to “truly revolutionise the online buying industry,” according to jewellers Brilliance.

3DRacers seeks funding for Scalextric-style racing toy with 3D-printing twist

Italian startup’s crowdfunding campaign for smartphone-controlled game accelerates off the grid, with ambitions to take on Anki Drive

Italian startup 3DRacers is hoping a game that’s a cross between Scalextric, real-world Mario Kart and app-controlled toy Anki Drive – with a 3D-printing twist – will be a hit on crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Chinese firm creates 'world's tallest 3D-printed building'

City links: This week’s best city stories take a look at 3D-printed housing in Suzhou, a vision of a self-sufficient city in the desert, the urban projects copying the High Line – and the safest city in the world

The best city stories from around the web this week discover a five-storey building in China made using a 3D printer, explore a futuristic idea for a fully sustainable city in the desert and reveal the safest cities in the world.

How 3D printing and land reform could help to solve the housing crisis | Alastair Parvin

Using open source software to design and custom build houses, together with a change in planning law, could open up the market so we could build affordable homes we want to live in

Since the Industrial Revolution the assumption has always been that the only people who can build homes at scale are large organisations – either state or market – building whole estates; rows of one-size-fits-all boxes for imaginary “average” humans. Form follows finance.

Robox inventor hopes 3D printing will help everybody become a maker

Minecraft-mad kids could be the next wave: ‘They all have lots of ideas about what they’d want to print, and none of the barriers of adults’

Kickstarter crowdfunding has become a familiar way for new 3D printers to introduce themselves to the world, with nearly 40 having successfully hit their funding goals on the site so far.


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