Revamping the violin – courtesy of a 3D printer

Monad design studio goes on tour with its range of ecosystem-inspired instruments

Sharp, sleek and futuristic, the latest offering from Miami’s Monad design studio looks more like an instrument of fear than of music. Yet instrument it is – a 3D-printed two-string piezoelectric violin that owes its otherworldly appearance to nature. As Monad’s Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg reveal, the contorted shape is a nod to ecosystems in which “strange roots grow over other trees and become one with the host”.

Scientists create Terminator 2-inspired 3D printer

New technique works 100 times faster than conventional 3D printing and makes objects within minutes by simply lifting them out of a pool of resin

Scientists have created a Terminator 2-inspired 3D printer that lifts objects fully formed from a pool of goo in a matter of minutes.

The technique, which could transform 3D printing, works up to 100 times faster than current methods and produces objects that are considerably stronger.

Terminator 2 inspired 3D printing method - video

A new method of 3D printing demonstrates how detailed solids can be 'grown' out of a liquid bath. Researchers have come up with a 3D printing method that dwarfs conventional 3D print speeds, making it possible to convert 3D designs into parts in minutes instead of hours. The technology could be used to print soft elastic materials, ceramics, and biological materials like tissues Continue reading...


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