30 things being 3D printed right now (and none of them are guns)

From jet parts to unborn babies, icebergs to crime scenes, dolls to houses: how new technology is shaking up making things

As a technology journalist even one who hasn't written much about 3D printing I've noticed a big growth in questions from friends about the area in recent months. Often, those questions are the same ones, too.

How does 3D printing even work? What's all this about 3D-printed guns? Can you 3D-print a 3D printer? Why are they so expensive? What can you actually make with them? Apart from guns...

CES 2014: MakerBots new digital store is the 'iTunes' of 3D printing

3D printing firm takes big step towards a content-led future

MakerBot, the 3D-printing company, has unveiled the iTunes of 3D printing as part of its new line-up of 3D printing technology.

The game-changing new MakerBot digital store features a host of professionally designed digital 3D models, created by an in-house team at MakerBot, made to be simple and easy to purchase and print with one-touch.


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