The Ultimaker is the new kid on the block for 3D printing which officially started selling in May 2011. In just the first months, more than thousand Ultimakers were sold to makers and tinkerers across the world!

We are committed to making 3D printing better, faster and simpler. Also, the Ultimaker is designed to print larger objects, while the printer only occupies a small space on your desktop. Well over a thousand Ultimakers have been shipped, worldwide, and many people have built them during workshops that were given in Dutch FabLabs. Ultimately, we will make personal 3D printing a better experience, accessible to anyone!

Ultimaker currently employs more than 30 people who are passionate to bring you the best 3D printing experience.


Contact information
General inquiries: info@ultimaker.com
Technical support: support@ultimaker.com
Sales inquiries: sales@ultimaker.com
Investor and distributorship inquiries: info@ultimaker.com

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+31 (0)345 712 017
Ultimaker B.V. Burgemeester R. vd Venlaan 11
The Netherlands
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