i.materialise believes that people have an inherent need to express themselves, more than ever before, in this world where standardization has become the rule.
Therefore i.materialise offers all people with an eye for design and a head full of ideas the possibility to turn these ideas into 3D reality.
We empower them to create designs that enrich their life and to share their sense of beauty with the people around them, by adding unique touches to their environment, by creating a truly personal gift for the ones they love, by taking the opportunity to crystallize ideas they can truly be proud of.
With twenty years of experience, we bring high-quality 3D printing within everybody’s reach.
We exist to cater to demanding designers and inventors. This means that we will focus on higher quality and have more choices for designers. Above all, we aim to deliver high quality and reliability for which we can build on the experience of 1000 of our colleagues.
At the same time, this experience will help us making 3D printing more accessible. With our tools more and more people will have the opportunity to become designers and inventors.

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016 39 66 11
Technologielaan 15
Supplier Category: 
Polyamide : A strong and flexible material with a high level of detail
Alumide : A polyamide-like material with a distinctive look
Multicolor : A full color plaster
High detail resin : Lovely fine details on this photopolymer
Paintable resin : Beautiful when painted. Water resistant. If it has to be flawless
Transparent resin : See through
ABS : Strong and tough with the highest level of dimensional accuracy
Titanium : Light and the strongest 3D printing material in the world
Stainless steel : Not your grandmother’s stainless steel
Silver : Sterling silver
Gold : 14 carat solid gold
Prime gray : Very smooth, detailed and “luxurious” to the touch
Brass : Copper and Zinc, united as one
Bronze : What did you expect after gold and silver?
Ceramics : A food safe material that shines like no other
High detailed stainless steel : High grade stainless steel with a superb level of detail
Rubber-like : A strong, high-flexible and durable material