Hobs 3D are part of the Hobs Group Companies, the largest independently owned reprographics company in the UK with 6 branches in London and 22 across the country. With over 40 years experience in the Architectural/Construction/Engineering/Design market we understand the importance of innovation and creativity and how a 3D printed model can help to enhance your client presentation.

We offer a 3d printing and laser scanning service and can produce physical models directly from your CAD or laser scanned point cloud data. We combine our 3d printing service with traditional model making to produce highly detailed, accurate and cost effective architectural models in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

Hobs are a service based company and understand the importance of delivering your models on time and under tight deadlines. We offer an overnight turnaround service on our 3d print service or 4-5 days on architectural models with additional finishes.


We produce models from mechanical, medical, product, art, boat and prop designs. If you have a file or even just an idea we can print it for you.

Hobs offer a product design service from concept to 3d model and our experienced team can convert 2d drawings into models in a matter of hours. Our team prepare your files for printing by using our file fixing software to analyse, fix and hollow parts where necessary to save on cost of consumables. We can now also take your 3D digital data and produce Augmented and Virtual reality versions to really spice up your presentations!

We are the London based UK re-sellers of 3D Systems and offer 3d printer and consumable sales. We also offer after sales technical support and service contracts.

Contact Phone: 
020 3217 0304
58 Farringdon Road
United Kingdom
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Material Colours: 
CMYK + true black : 390 000 colours
ZPrinter 650
File Formats: 
.VRML (x.wrl)
.STL (astl, ast)

Hobs 3D