Using a technology called 3D printing, 3D Creation Lab can turn your designs into reality. Just send us your design for a quotation and when you are ready to order we will print it out and ship it to you - simple.

This service is available to anybody, we don't just supply to businesses we will supply to anybody that can benefit from the 3D printing process.

We have nine 3D printing machines, 3 technologies with a forth just waiting to be commissioned. As you have correctly anticipated the costs are calculated in a formula derived from entering the STL file into the printer software, the output gives us the volume of material used in the print, the time to print and we add any post printing costs to that calculation to establish a sales cost, we add time to fix the mesh before printing, also packing and carriage and then send you a quote. The limitations for a single build is the volume of the build envelope, the largest one being 500mm x 400mm x 200mm, but having said that we have printed 1000mm sculptures and glued them together and 700mm x 600mm plinth covers and again joined them by using adhesive. All the models can be painted if required but we do have colour printers that can print any coloured image on the model, as shown on our website.


Contact Phone: 
0845 533 3417
Unit 27 The Sutherland Institute
Lightwood Rd
Stoke on Trent
United Kingdom
Supplier Category: 
Detailed - Photopolymer
Durable - ABS plastic
Multicolour - Plaster
Material Colours: 
Detailed - [white]
Durable - [white, blue, yellow, black, red, green]
Multicolour - [24 bit colour]
Objet Connex 260
Objet 500V
Z Corp 510
Projet HD3000 plus
Stratasys FDM
File Formats: 
.STL (Standard Triangulation Language)
.3DS (3D Studio)
.OBJ (Wavefront)
.PLY (Stanford polygon file)
.VRML (Virtual Reality mark-up language Texture map and colour, GIS, FEA and colour assemblies)

3D Creation Lab